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Reasons why you must register at www.beadedindia.com :

ü We assure you that we never use your details for spaming;

ü You can change your subscription preferences at any time;

ü Offers and Sale notifications are sent to the registered customers only;

ü Your information is never shared with anyone;

ü Registered users will be able to experience all the features;

ü Free samples are offered to registered customers only;

ü Wholesale/Dealership is offered to registered customers only (it is FREE);

ü A certain part of each sale goes to social services, so indirectly you particiate in our social services activities. 

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Reasons why you must start/continue buying from us :

ü Professional response to all your queries within shortest possible time frame; 

ü We follow corporate ethics;

ü Although most of the products are handmade, they are made by skilled professional, which ensures uniform production;

ü Safe and secure payment system (CCAvenue's Credit Card, PayPal, Wire/Telegraphic Transfer);

ü Easy and convenient return policy;

ü Customer care 24x7;

ü Express and safe shipping by international carriers like FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS and India Post etc.

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