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01 Feb 2017 : New Updates : khadi indian kurta pajama added to its categories:

new designs and models of khadi indian kurta full sleeve and khadi kurta half sleeve added to the catagories.


 24 November 2016 : News Updates : Christmas Offer on selected categories from 25th November onward.

Christmas offer is applicable on following categories:

Please place your order and get extra quantity as per above schedule in above categories only.



11 November 2016 : News Updates : Christmas Sale begins from 25th November till 25 December

Christmas Sales discount offer will be effective from 25th November till 25th December. 


17 September 2016 : News Updates : silk tassels added to the catalogue

Silk tassels for making jewelry added to the catalogue


02 September 2016 : New Updates : fresh water pearl mala and fresh water pearl strings

Fresh water pearl mala, fresh water pearl strings and loose pearls added to the catalogue.


22 August 2016 : News Updates : crystal sphatika mala, linga, shiva linga introduced

Crystal sphatika mala, crystal linga, shivalinga  introduced


21 August 2016 : News Updates : conch shell blowing shankha

Conch shell blowing shankha introduced


29 July 2016 : News Updates : khadi kurta and pajama uploaded to the catalogue

Khadi kurta and pajama uploaded to the catalogue


31 March 2016 : New Updates : harem yoga women cotton pants added to the catalogue

Harem yoga pants for ladies, women cotton fabric pants added to the catalogue.

01 August 2015 : Prices Reduced

Prices of many products reduced by upto 30%, see for more details.


13 July 2015 : Smoking pipes and accessories introduced

Wooden handmade smoking pipes and grinding accessories are available to buy online.


25 June 2015 : Wood pendants, coconut shell pendants

Handmade wood pendants, coconut shell pendants are available to buy online. 


09 June 2015 : Hairsticks introduced

Handmade wooden hair sticks - froks - prongs are available to buy online.


09 March 2015 : Wood buttons introduced

Handmade wood buttons in many shape and size are available to buy online.


11 Feb 2015 : News Updates:

Yoga scarvesyoga kurta in many size, make, design, color and printed mantra and signs are available to buy online.


6 Feb 2015 : News Updates:

sterling silver hooks and toggle clasps, silver plated hooks and toggle clasps, copper metal hooks and toggle clasps are available to buy online.


5 Feb 2015 : News Updates:

sterling silver head pins, sterling silver eye pins, silver plated head pins, silver plated eye pins are available to buy online.


4 Feb 2015 : News Updates:

sterling silver fancy beads, sterling silver brushed beads, bead caps and spacers are available to buy online.


3 Feb 2015 : News Updates:

silver plated fancy beads, silver plated brushed beads, bead caps and spacers are available to buy online.


2 Feb 2015 : News Updates:

Copper metal fancy beads, copper metal brushed beads, bead caps and spacers are available to buy online.


27 Jan 2015 : News Updates:

Braided cotton cordsbraided hunter leather cordselastic cordssilk cords are available to buy.


20 Jan 2015 : News Updates:

New Year Dicount Offers 15% is revised as per customer's demand, and is available for every customers and everyday at valid from 21st January 2015 onward. To use this discount, please use Coupon Code "2015" at the time of checkout.


31 Dec 2014 : News Updates:

Launched New Year Offers 15% discount to all first 15 customer's every month at valid from 1st January 2015 onward.


25 Nov 2014 : News Updates:

Launched Festival Offers upto 20% discount on various products based on order volume at


19 Nov 2014 : News Updates:

Introduced kashmiri beads in many shape and sizes.


3 Nov 2014 : News Updates:

Introduced horn beads and hairpipes.


 7 Oct 2014 : News Updates:

Free shipping rudraksha beads and wood beads strings (mala) are on offer. Buy them soon, as they are selling well and may be unavailable in free shipping scheme.


9 Sept 2014 : News Updates:

Introduced wood beads mala rosewood beads mala, ebony wood beads mala, japa mala, sandal wood beads mala and many more auspicious wood beads and seeds mala.


5 Sept 2014 : News Updates:

Introduced mukhi (faced) rudraksha beads i.e. 4 face rudraksha beads5 face rudraksha beads6 face rudraksha beads7 face rudraksha beads8 face rudraksha beads9 face rudraksha beadsrudrani beads mala all in strings as well as loose beads.


5 June 2014 : News Updates:

The website launched.


5 June 2013 : News Updates:

On the ocassion of World Environment Day, the was established.


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